Chevron Packings (V-Packings)


Polilas chevron packings are designed for Rod and Piston applications. Set combinations can be formed with 5, 6 or 7 rings in rod applications and 3 or 4 rings in piston applications. Polilas chevron packings are manufactured from superior performance fabrics and are diversified with different raw materials and special designs to suit different temperatures and pressures. Apart from the standard dimension list, customized parts can be desiged with our various production capabilities and wide dimension possibilities. We have different raw material selections such as NBR fabric, FKM fabric, HPU, RSP, Aramid, PTFE+Bronze and PTFE+Carbon for suitable temperatures and pressures. You can download the following catalogue for our standard chevron packing dimension list. In case of customized part requirements, please contact us. We will help you with the most efficient and appropriate solutions.