Nutrings (U-cup)

Nutrings (U-cup) :

Polilas Nutrings are designed for Rod/Piston, Rod and Piston applications. Polilas Nutrings are manufactured in different types and out of different raw materials regarding to the required pressure, temperature and speed conditions. 7 different standard types and many non-standard varieties have been designed to solve your sealing problems. Polilas Nutring serves you with a variety of raw materials such as NBR, Viton, HPU, PU, RSP, NBR+fabric, Viton+fabric, PTFE+Bronze and PTFE+Carbon for different pressure, temperature and sliding seep conditions. You can download the following catalogue for our standard nutring dimension list. In case of customized part requirements, please contact us. We will help you with the most efficient and appropriate solutions.