Aramid Seals

Our patented FKM+Aramid fabric products have been developed by Polilas R&D team and aimed to serve high pressure and high temperatures (temperatures above 140˚C) where standard FKM+fabric products can't meet the system requirements. Aramid products can resist to 220˚C for long cycles. The best advantages of Aramid seals are extending the service life of the cylinders,reducing maintenance and down time costs.

Many types of seals which is produced with standard fabric can also be produced with Aramid fabric such as chevron packings, fabric reinforced nutrings, compact rod/piston seals, rotary shaft seals etc. All our products produced with fabric in our standard catalogs can be also produced with Aramid fabric. Please contact us for your special productrequirements. Aramid sealing products are only produced and sold by POLİLAS.

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Chevron Packings


Seal Assembling / Disassembling Tools




Rotary Shaft Seals